Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Projects

I love Wednesday evenings!  Time for Knit and Natter at the lovely Hannah Elgie's shop Make, Do & Mend in Chelmsford.  A fabulous group of ladies who get together to knit and more importantly catch up with each other and oooh and ahhhhh over the latest knitting pattern purchases! Lots of tea and coffee is provided and someone usually makes cakes, this week Jayne made lovely banana and sultana scones!

Make, Do & Mend has been open since February and has recently moved to its new premises in Byron Road Chelmsford.  I spend a lot of my time in the shop, having taught a children's beading workshop there this morning and another tomorrow, children's felting.

I'd completely put writing my blog to the back of my mind, I think I hadn't been making much so didn't feel inspired, but Jeni reminded me about it at the knitting group so here is a post!  Thanks to Andrea, my friend at Hylands, who urged me to start something new, I went out and bought a new lot of fabric this week - a good excuse to add to my collection!
Here it is neatly folded in my new basket!

So, deciding to make some new stuff for my studio, I started on a range of aprons and have already made three from my fabric stash.  I will post more photos once I have completed half a dozen!


Hope you like them!

Now to go and get ready for my felting workshop in the morning.


  1. The aprons are looking great, I am loving the fabric xxx

  2. You really did finish something! They're lovely I really like the colours/patterns.
    And how exciting to be mentioned in someones blog - I feel almost famous ;0)

  3. I did, thanks Jeni and lovely to see you today - and you are famous to all of us! xx